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M2C2 Communications est une agence de communication-marketing spécialisée en B2B et B2C. Depuis 2004, nous contribuons à votre réussite, votre croissance et votre notoriété.
marketing, communications, gestion de projets, projects management
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360° support

Meet your communication and marketing challenges with tailor-made, measurable and profitable tools.

Marketing strategy

A good strategy saves time and money by alleviating trials and errors and minimizing needless worries.

Invest in a strong brand and marketing plan that focus on consistent and effective action items.

Positioning and target audiences

    • Identify your target market, your clientele and their needs
    • Identify your competitors to differentiate yourself
    • Be well-informed before you start your promotion
    • Give your product or service a clear and unique profile
    • Target the right distribution channels


    • Become well known and recognized, with a distinctive visual and message
    • Create a brand image that will naturally attract targeted customers

Marketing and communications plans

    • Convey your marketing image consistently in all your communication and marketing tools
    • Monitor the achievement of your annual goals
    • Set a list of priorities and manage your budget
    • Plan your sales tactics according to product cycles
    • Increase your sales

Communication tools

    • Promote your business, products and services
    • Invest in quality material, printed and digital


We manage your marketing and communications projects, either in part or in full. We speak the language of all stakeholders and therefore can move your projects forward efficiently.


Creation of logos and graphic standards guides


Marketing of products, promotional campaigns


Event planning and management


Design of web projects: site or application

Outsource marketing

Entrusting us with the management of your marketing demands enables you to concentrate on your strengths. Our external perspective can fuel your ideas so your business can go even further.


Annual planning of marketing and communications activities


Temporary replacement


Specific mandate during a transition period