M2C2 Communications | About M2C2
M2C2 Communications est une agence de communication-marketing spécialisée en B2B et B2C. Depuis 2004, nous contribuons à votre réussite, votre croissance et votre notoriété.
marketing, communications, gestion de projets, projects management
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About M2C2

We contribute to the success of your organization by developing with you the tools that meet your objectives and market requirements, your budget and your timelines. Whether you need to define the basis of your strategy or completely delegate your projects, you will find that our team can contribute and bear witness to your growth and brand awareness.

A bit of history

Initially inspired by the initials of two associates, the letters “M” and “C” remain just as relevant today and reflect our business approach: Magnan and contributors.


Over time, M2C2 adopted the mission statement deeply rooted in the personality of its president and sole proprietor, Julie Magnan: to offer tools specifically tailored to the needs of each client, with utmost respect for what they are. Open to the world and European markets, M2C2 continues to be successful by relying on a multidisciplinary and experienced team.


Among its many activities, M2C2 creates mobile applications that improve patients’ quality of life and autonomy through better management of health care services, for example, through the MedOClock® mobile application.

Since 2017 M2C2 Communications is certified Women Owned WEConnect International.

A president professionally and socially involved

With many years of experience as a marketing director, Julie Magnan founded M2C2 in 2004. Back from a long stay in Germany, she strategically used her extensive business network in Europe to enter the Canadian market. Julie is comfortable managing both B2B and B2C projects, having evolved in various business sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and large agencies.


Curious and dedicated, M2C2 Communications’ president has invested her time and expertise in several areas of marketing communications which now helps her easily manage and provide 360o support to her clients:


  • Positioning and brand management
  • Product line management
  • Coordination of large scale events and webinars
  • Strategic planning in communication and marketing
  • Public relations
  • Management of printed and digital projects


Julie Magnan is socially involved as ambassador at Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec , member of the campaign cabinet at Fondation des Auberges du coeur , boardmember at CORE women Fitness Center.


With M2C2, Julie shares her creativity and love of team work to better serve her customers, in addition to developing mobile applications that help in the management of health care, for example the MedOClock® solution.